Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Page 1

Wedding Invitation Page 1

Wedding Invitation Page 2

Wedding Invitation Page 2

Wedding Invitation Page 3

Wedding Invitation Page 3

Nothing beats Recto when it comes to Wedding Invitations. When we were planning our wedding, we tried to check wedding invitations from mall based printing shops and we were taken aback by the prices. A simple 3 page invitation costs at least 100 pesos. We were aiming for a simple yet elegant invitation. While Marissa was in Dubai, I was able to get prices from other printing shops especially ones that frequent the mall based wedding expos. I was able to find a nice looking invitation which costs half the price of what we initially saw but it lackes the elegant factor and definitley was simple… even bordering on plain! Aside from that, they require 1 month to get it done! Come end of June and we have yet to order our invitations. We were ready to print it ourselves and even came to a point of trying to learn how to do embossed printing!!! Good thing we went to Recto before going to Divisoria to buy our souvenirs (which is another story!) and the very first shop that caught our attention was Dymings. We chose an envelope from their album of invitations which has overlapping ends to form the envelope. We then chose a board with a dry seal border from another invitation. We selected the colors that would fit well with our color scheme. The envelope was in army green and was shimmery, the boards were cream and the fonts were in “gold” and were embossed. The invitation was perfect for our wedding. We couldn’t be happier!


  • We have 8 pairs of Principal Sponsors
  • We have 8 Groomsmen (Includes the Bestman, 2ndary sponsors and Ushers)
  • We have 8 Bridesmaids (Includes the Matron of Honor, 2ndary Sponsors and Usherettes)

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